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Many special

SPRING offers


Our De-Humidifier is available for Hire or can be used whilst performing a service on your van.

It is ideal for freshening whilst removing moisture and dampness should you have an unexpected spill.

It will also dry out carpets and upholstery that has become damp whilst in storage. Simple to use - great results.

We are able to take Damp readings from behind the vinyl inside your caravan and shower.

This equipment is non-invasive and does not need the surfaces to be punctured in any way.

Carbon Monoxide can kill. For your own safety all our servicing includes a 30 minute Carbon Monoxide written test report. The equipment we use is some of the best available. It is calibrated annually to give safe, accurate results of any Carbon Monoxide produced by your gas burning appliances.

Harness the power of the sun with


We can supply and fit a range of Solar Panels for your caravan from 5 watt to 150 watt output.

We can supply freestanding, roof mounted or fold up modules according to your requirements.


Caravan & Motorhome

Onsite Washing


We can supply portable Solar Chargers

for Telephones * Tablets * Laptops

Call us on 07792 632523 for help, advice & prices

Fold up Solar Panel

Simple, effective 12v charging

Fully Weather Resistant

Built in stand

LED charging indicator

Cabling to battery or 12v socket

£24.99 inc.VAT