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HUBI 2K KIT at just £99 inc. VAT is a perfect power & lighting solution for a range of activities such as camping, home & garden, base camps, field trips, home emergencies, etc.

2AH, 12V Lithium battery * 5wp crystaline solar panel & stand

2.5 m connection cable from the solar panel to the battery

2 Lumi lights, 4m cable each capable of lighting a 3m x 3m area * Upto 7h of LED Lumi light

Solar panel dimensions 217mm x 25mm x 307mm. Weight 1kg.

Hubi Lithium battery unit 0.7kg 220mm x146mm x 50mm.

Hubi 2K can power: 3 charges of a smart phone or 2 charges of a tablet device     

It cannot power a laptop or 12v TV.

Fully charged battery within 6-9 hours.

HUBI 10K KIT at just £179.99 inc. VAT

As per above 2K Kit but with 10AH, 12V Lithium battery and 20wp crystaline solar panel & stand

Solar panel dimensions 228mm x 25mm x 604mm. Weight 1.8kg.

Hubi Lithium battery unit 1.4kg 220mm x146mm x 50mm. CAN DOUBLE or TRIPLE with EXPANSION PACK.

Hubi 10K can power: 15 charges of a smart phone or 8 charges of a tablet device or

Laptop for up to 8 hours

12V TV for up to 6 hours

Up to 20h of LED Lumi light

Fully charged battery within 7-10 hours.

Add extra LUMi lights. Note a LUMi Splitter cable LUMISPLIT will be needed if three or more LUMis need to be powered from a single HUBi.

£9.99 inc. VAT


This powerful 16w 23cm metal blade fan has two speeds and connects into HUBi’s 12v socket.

£39.99 inc. VAT